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Saturday, September 14, 2013


When I said this blog is one of “self-realization,” as I did in the sidebar, I had a couple meanings in mind for that concept.
First, this blog is not a “self-help” blog. In other words, I don't feel like such an expert on getting over this divorce crisis in my life that I can write the “Five Ways to an Amicable Divorce”, or "Ten Steps to Divorce Recovery"—or any number of ways to do anything related to divorce. The process of living through it is sometimes enough to handle without numbering my issues.
Second, it is to help me realize what my problems are, to try to overcome them, using blogging as a cathartic process.

But now it seems I can write five ways to do or not to do something, and even put it in a three-part series. It’s a little self-help, so there you have it. Serendipity.

I have told many women going through a crisis they should blog as a journal. Their first reaction is, “I don’t want anybody to read what I write!”

I tell them they can set up a blog so that nobody has access to it. I have one that nobody reads. Yes, as if this blog doesn’t contain enough terrible-awful things, I actually have a blog full of vitriol that no one will ever read. It’s my catharsis, in a twisted way. I can say whatever I want to, without any judgments.
My third reason for creating this blog is that it helps others self-actualize, analyze, think twice or three times about a life where divorce is imminent, ongoing, or done with. It’s my wish that, by sharing my experiences, I can show that divorce stinks, but is sometimes necessary, and here are the steps I went through. Maybe you can learn from my marriages mistakes and my divorce discoveries.

I’d like to learn from you, too.

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