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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Excerpt from my divorce memoir

July 15, 2010
 . . . There are so many steps in this divorce process.
It’s as if these steps are shoulder height, right under the arm pits. I spend so much time trying to pull myself up and over them. I jump, reaching for a stronghold that doesn't exist, only my elbows hold me up. Hanging and searching, my feet scrabble for something to push on, to connect with.
Finally, my chest, then my whole torso is over. My lower body dangles. Using all my upper body strength, I swing my legs back and forth, up and over the step.
Sometimes I come crashing down, but eventually, I make it up, only to see another enormous step as high as the last one I just climbed.


Amy Freeman said...

Wow do I love this description. It is dead on. Any time frame on when your book will be done?? I want it!

Susan said...

Thanks, Amy. No time frame. I'm going to try to build a following here and then see if anyone, like you, would like to read about my journey--up the steps.