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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How To Check Computers For History

I found this in my saved documents. I don't know if the directions are still relavent, but it's worth a try.

Since pornography is such a prevelent plague in our society, it would be wise for wives and mothers to periodically (every day or every week) check their families' computers to see what has been watched or listened to. I'm just sayin' . . .

How to check computers:
If you suspect a computer is being used to view pornography, you can check in three ways:
  • Web browser history. For Internet Explorer, look for "History" in the dropdown box next to the address field. For Firefox, click the "History" tab located above the address field. The history will provide a list of each website visited.
  • Temporary Internet Files folder. Open Internet Explorer, and type in the following address in the address field: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\Temporary Internet Files The folder keeps all files associated with Internet browsing.
  • Image search. For PC users, click the "Start" button from your desktop; select "Pictures, music, or video"; then, select "Pictures and photos." Leave the "file name" search field blank, and when you hit "Search," the computer will retrieve every image on the hard drive.
Don't think you're safe. You're not! Neither are your children.

My two cents...

P.S. I don't know how to check phones for history either. I hope your kids don't go exploring . . .


Amy Freeman said...

Awesome info to have! Thank you!

Susan said...

I hope this information is still up-to-date. Thanks for your comment, friend.