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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Memoir about Divorce and Finding Courage

The rough draft of my memoir is almost done. It's about the process needed to get a divorce in light of abuse, adultery and pornography addiction. The Triple A.

This book also encompasses all the steps encountered and needed to climb and conquer as you go about the discovery, the denial, the decision, the departure.

My mission for this book is to help others with similar trials. This book is not a "step-by-step process," like "Five Steps to a Healthy Divorce." It's about the gigantic steps you will have to take to get through the ordeal of divorce. It's about what will actually happen to you, emotionally and physically. It's not about forgiving and forgetting, or even healing. It's a guide--this is what you will go through. 

Did you suffer from abuse during your marriage--verbal or physical? Are you going through it right now? You're not the only one.

Did your husband cheat on you? Is he addicted to pornography? I thought I was the only one going through this miserable existence, but I found out I was not alone.

I searched for a book to read that would help me through my experience. Friends recommended books to read about divorce, but none of them addressed exactly what I was going through. I realized I would have to write it, and hopefully, in doing so, would help others.

When I first "came out" about the divorce and, inadvertently, the abuse, adultery and addiction, I was surprised at how many women sought me out. Most were friends, which shocked me, and some were friends of friends who were recommended to me. I commiserated with them all, one-on-one. Nobody knows who they are but me, entwined as we are in confidence.

I'd love to know about your experiences. I'll even share some of my memoirs here on this blog.

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